It takes minutes to create a seam seal that’s stronger than the tarps themselves.

When you’re using tarps for weatherproofing or containment, partial coverage is no coverage at all.

That’s why knowing how to make a strong seam seal is an essential part of customizing tarps. Modifying tarps for your job’s needs is powerful – if you combine tarps effectively. If not, you’re waiting for an accident to happen.

HH-66 is the only adhesive recommended by the Advanced Textiles Association for tarp repair. Here’s how 5 minutes with the right glue can get you the custom tarp coverage you need.

Get the Glue

You’ll need about 1 oz. per square foot.

All 4 oz. through 32 oz. cans have a brush-cap top.

1. Prepare

  • Cut patch with 2” room on all sides.
  • Round corners for the best result.
  • Clean surfaces with HH-66 Thinner.

2. Apply

  • Sand any smooth surfaces for extra hold.
  • Spread HH-66 on both sides.
  • Wait 2-5 minutes until glue is tacky.

3. Attach

  • Press patch on tarp firmly.
  • Use a roller to keep pressure even.
  • Allow to dry for 1 hour. Strongest after 1 day.
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